We have been in the business since 2008. We have renovated over fifteen homes in the Twin Cities area, mostly in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The houses we work on usually have outdated plumbing, electrical, heating, and finishes. However, they are all “diamonds in the rough.”  We pride ourselves on giving these homes new ‘guts’ before we put on the surface level updates such as trim, paint, and fixtures.

This philosophy defines us as a company. We are not ‘quick-fix’ rehabbers. We give each house the updates it NEEDS first and then go from there.   Although this takes more time, and often considerable expense, this approach assures us (and the eventual buyer) that these lovely homes will be safe and functional for years to come.

Here’s an email we received from a previous owner of a house we renovated:

“Dear Pat,
I want to thank you for the fabulous job you did in renovating my mom’s house at 2xxx Jefferson (my childhood home!). Your vision for the house was insightful, artistic, and energetic. I thank you for seeing the potential in the house and bringing it to life.  I am grateful for your investment in the neighborhood as I believe it to be a great location.

For me, giving up the house was a bittersweet event. It represented so many wonderful relationships and memories. But I am so pleased that I turned it over to such capable hands as yours. We had family all over the country tracking progress as you posted pictures on the internet. 

I had a chance to see the finished house while I was visiting in St. Paul in late June. I stopped to see Kathy and when she introduced me to the new owners, they gave me a tour. It was fabulous! Great job!”

Many thanks,


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